ASIA/BANGLADESH - 116 young people confirmed in Dinajpur

Tuesday, 28 June 2016 local churches   evangelization  


Dinajpur (Agenzia Fides) - 63 girls and 53 boys of the parish of the Cathedral of Dinajpur recently received the sacrament of Confirmation. "Day of joy, colors, new commitment in the Church and for all. A new advent of the Spirit that guides the Church of Dinajpur", said in a statement sent to Fides, missionary Fr. Adolfo L'Imperio, to those who received confirmation: "Dear young people, you receive the gift of languages which helps you to communicate, to speak of Jesus; to work in the family, in the village, where you study or work for what is right, what unites, what is beautiful, true and good. Today the Church grows which has as foundation those who give their lives, who are called witnesses. Some are known as martyrs, others as seed that falls and dies to produce new life, but always witnesses. This is why you receive the Spirit".
"As an elder I closed my eyes and dreamed how this community of faith grows, develops, expands, despite many difficulties and hesitations" continued the missionary. "Jesus gives his Spirit and realizes in time his Church. This small community of 1,820 Catholics, scattered in a reality of about 360 thousand people - the population of the city of Dinajpur - offers a school service with three elementary schools for about 4.000 pupils, a high school for 5,000 pupils; is involved in many social service facilities such as hospital, nursing school, Caritas, and other social works".
Fr. L’Imperio concludes: "The Spirit was given to 116 young people today who do not ask for a level of education but only if they are ready to live with commitment for the good, the right, the beauty of life". (PA) (Agenzia Fides 28/06/2016)