AFRICA/SUD SUDAN - UN urges: “be quick to form a national unity government ”, violence is spreading

Thursday, 3 March 2016 peace  

JJuba (Agenzia Fides) - South Sudan leaders must be quick to implement the peace agreement signed in August 2015. This was said by secretary general of the United Nations Organisation Mr Ban Ki-moon, during a brief visit to that African country. The UN secretary General urged the sides to form as soon as possible the national unity government which, according to the peace pact, would be constituted before the end of January. But because Riek Machar leader of the rival faction of President Salva Kiir is not in the capital Juba, it has been impossible to form the executive.
The United Nations Organisation has promised South Sudan 21 million dollars to further the protection of civilians and the enactment of the peace plan.
Civil war which started in 2013 left at least 50,000 dead according to a UN official who painted a disquieting picture of the situation in the country: “ 50,000 or more, dead, 2.2 million refugees and displaced, and the threat of famine in a few months’ time”. The official, who wished to remain unnamed, expressed scepticism regarding the implementation of the peace plan, because “we see violence spreading along ethnic lines in areas of South Sudan hitherto spared”.
In the meantime an enquiry carried out by Nuer and Shilluk communities found that more than 40 people were killed and another 90 were wounded in clashes between Dinka and Shilluk youths in the displaced persons camp at the United Nations base in Malakal (vedi Fides 19/2/2016). The enquiry accused government soldiers of entering the camp to aid armed Dinka youths attacking Shilluk and Nuer refugees. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 3/3/2016)