Monday, 14 July 2003

Calcutta (Fides Service) – To mark the beatification of Mother Teresa of Calcutta SIGNIS-India is organising a Film Festival in November this year. The little Mother known all over the world for her mission of caring for the poor and the dying will be beatified in Rome on October 19. “No other saint or blessed has ever had a Film Festival held in their name” says Salesian Father C.M. Paul who is promoter of the initiative. “The aim of the Festival is to highlight the life and spirituality of Mother Teresa. Calcutta where most of India’s film producing studios are situated, will have the honour of hosting the event.”
The Film Festival will open on November 1 as anticipation of two days of celebrations planned by the diocese of Calcutta 8 and 9 November. Films shown will include biographies on the life of Mother Teresa – “Something Beautiful for God” (BBC 1969) and “Mother Teresa, her Legacy” a film in two parts produced by Anne Petris; two other films “Mother Teresa and her World”, “Mother Teresa First Love” (1997) and “Total Surrender” TV documentary produced by the American company Eternal World Television Network.
One of the films chosen for the Festival caused a stir when it was produced in 1994. The film in question is “Hell’s Angel: Mother Teresa of Calcutta” produced by British private TV company Channel 4, based on a book by Christopher Hitchens “Missionary Position – Mother Teresa in theory and practice”.
If you would like to present a film for inclusion in the Festival in honour of Mother Teresa of Calcutta you may contact PA (Fides Service 14/7/2003 EM lines 32 Words: 454)