OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - The Tasmanian Catholic, a new Catholic periodical

Thursday, 31 March 2005

Hobart (Fides Service) -It was born on Easter Sunday in the Catholic community on the island of Tasmania, “The Tasmanian Catholic”, takes the place of the “The Standard” Catholic newspaper. The new four-monthly magazine will be printed and circulated in 10,000 copies will help to “build community” according to those involved. “We aim for a quality publication starting from the Catholic community in Tasmania to reach the entire civil community of the island to create interest with stories, experiences, comments on social and religious matters close to the life and problems of the people”, said the magazine’s administrator Peter Cusick of Hobart diocese. The publication will go mainly to parishes, schools, social organisations, associations, cultural centres, Catholic and non Catholics.
Archbishop Adrian Doyle of Hobart said the newspaper “reflects the dynamism and vitality of the Church in Tasmania and it will also strive to offer formation and information to the public”. On the island of Tasmania the Catholic Church is the NGO with the highest number of personnel involved (3,500) in services in schools, social centres, hospitals, homes for the elderly.
(PA) (Agenzia Fides 31/3/2005 righe 16 parole 169)