ASIA/INDONESIA - Peace in the Moluccas: Reconciliation Conference in Australia this Summer

Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Ambon (Fides Service) - “Peace is a mission, not an option” is the theme of a Conference for Peace in the Moluccas being organised in Australia to strengthen the process of peace and rebuild social harmony in the Indonesians islands devastated by civil war in 2000-2002 and still today the scene of tension and sporadic violence. According to the organisers, who have joined in a forum of secular and Christian organisations in Australia, it is necessary to heal the social tissue of trust and friendship between Christians and Muslims in the Moluccas which is the basis for a life of prosperity and peace. The associations are committed to various programmes for development and reconciliation in Ambon and all over the Moluccas, particularly involving youth. Participants at the conference will include three Muslim leaders and two Christian leaders from the Moluccas and a large number of Young Ambassadors of Peace, members of two organisations working for peace in the Moluccas. The Conference will be held this coming Summer. It is hoped that starting with the young generation, the people of the Moluccas can return to normal life free of tension and violence (PA) (Agenzia Fides 8/3/2005 righe 21 parole 212)