ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - "Small Christian Communities" instrument of evangelization

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) - In the Korean "Small Christian Communities" there is great expectation for Pope Francis’ visit in August. The small ecclesial community, in fact, is a type of organization where to live one’s faith which is widespread in Latin America, but also in other continents, such as Africa and Asia. These are groups of Catholic families who live in the same neighborhood and practice a life of faith in everyday life, with prayer meetings, listening to the Word and mutual aid. The small communities are enhanced by the "Document of Aparecida" (Conference of Latin American Bishops, 2007), written under the coordination of the then Cardinal Bergoglio.
As reported to Fides, within the Bishops' Conference of Korea there is a "Subcommittee" for the "small communities", which makes reference to the "Commission for Evangelization", presided by the Bishop of Jeonju, Vincent Ri Pyung-ho. This form of organization of the Catholic laity is considered, in fact, a powerful instrument of evangelization.
The small Communities were introduced in Korea in the early 90s. For twenty years the Bishops have promoted the spread of small communities. Now, in March 2014, given the growing demand, they publish a "Guide" which helps the faithful and pastors to understand the basic principles and the life of small communities. As reported to Fides, the Guide presents the spirit, principles and experiences of the small Communities from a pastoral point of view.
The Guide also talks about the fruits achieved in twenty years, the hopes for the future and the challenges for the path of the new evangelization, in Korea and in Asia. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 26/03/2014)