AMERICA/MEXICO - Msg. Garfias to Fides: "There are still isolated parishes and a city buried due to landslides"

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Guerrero (Agenzia Fides) - More than 115 people have died, 60 missing, 40,000 tourists stranded, floods, landslides, hunger, despair, uncertainty, and about 238,000 homeless victims: this is the toll of the Hurricane Manuel in the state of Guerrero, in a first report issued by the Mexican authorities, after the tragic incidents of 15 September. Guerrero, situated in the south-west of the Mexican Republic is divided into 7 regions (Acapulco, Costa Chica, Zona Centro, Costa Grande, Montagna, Zona Nord and Tierra Caliente) all damaged in some way by weather events.
"Tropical Storm Manuel, that hit Mexico and especially the state of Guerrero, has damaged the city of Acapulco, especially the part called Acapulco Diamante. In the region of Costa Grande several bridges have collapsed and the parishes of Coyuca, Espinalillo, San Jeronimo and Tecpan are isolated and are not able to receive any form of aid", said the Archbishop of Acapulco, His Exc. Mgr. Carlos Garfias Merlos, to a local source of Fides Agency.
The Archbishop also pointed out that in the area of Costa Grande, the collapse of the mountain buried half the population of the town of La Pintada. "It is a real tragedy because unfortunately many people are under the mud and earth", said Mgr. Carlos Garfias Merlos, asking the Catholic community throughout the country to show solidarity and to help those who have lost everything. The Catholic Church, through Caritas, has set up a support network to accommodate the homeless and help the affected families. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 26/09/2013)