ASIA/LEBANON - Non-violence, reconciliation and peace: Operazione Colomba begins for Syrian refugees

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Beirut ( Agenzia Fides ) - "Provide support to Syrian refugees in Lebanese camps; meet and support the Syrian reality working for a peace that will not and cannot be obtained with the use of weapons": these are the declared goals of the volunteers of "Operazione Colomba", a non-violent body of peace belonging to "Pope John XXIII Community", who have just arrived in Lebanon for a peacekeeping mission. The volunteers, starting from the area of Beirut, will meet in coming days war victims and groups that actually operate on the ground for peace and reconciliation.
"This intervention is intended to focus on a focal point: we do not build peace by waging war", says Giovanni Ramonda, responsible of the "Pope John XXIII Community" in a note sent to Fides. "One does not prevent war by producing and selling weapons to all the dictatorial regimes in the world. Only non-violence and reconciliation build lasting peace. For this reason we need to give practical support to the civilian victims of the dictatorship in the past and of the conflict now, and everyone who in Syria, without weapons, pay with jail and with life for peace and reconciliation to come".
"The non-violent way is possible, but must be built with commitment, perseverance and courageous choices", says Ramonda. For this reason the "Pope John XXIII Community" appeals to the international community, asking a total embargo of arms, and the sincere desire to promote negotiation, involving local groups working for a peaceful alternative with regards to the conflict. Within these groups there are far-sighted figures which alone can guarantee the country a democratic future in coexistence, in truth and justice; the creation of demilitarized zones for civilians, backed by civilian and international non-violent peace corps; the start of paths of transformation of the conflict in Syria with the goal of reconciliation. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 11/09/2013)