AMERICA/MEXICO - Mgr. Suárez on the violence that affects Michoacán: "We are hitting rock bottom, it is time to react"

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Morelia (Agenzia Fides) - "It was time that the Presidency of the Republic, the federal government focused on the area of Michoacan to sustain us, but it is also time to consolidate the government of our state in order to move ahead in the right way, as a free and sovereign state": These are the words expressed by the Archbishop of Morelia, in the Mexican state of Michoacán, His Exc. Mgr. Alberto Suarez Inda, considering that the region is facing its worst moment since he took possession as Archbishop. For this reason he welcomed the arrival of the army and federal authorities in the area, as he believes this is an opportunity to take.
In the note sent to Fides Agency by Notimex, the Archbishop describes the reality the area lives: "We are hitting rock bottom, it is time to react and say that one cannot go on like this. Things must change: it is not a question of 'repainting' the situation by saying that now one will adopt a system based on justice, but we must involve everyone in order to rebuild society from below.
Although the situation is deplorable, we should not fold our arms, we cannot fall into the temptation of severe pessimism. Evil does not have the last word, we must always live in the founded hope that man, in spite of all that may sound bad, is not totally corrupt".
Michoacán has become the scene of violent clashes between armed groups of drug trafficking. The situation of violence and widespread corruption has meant that even petty crime has the opportunity to intimidate the population. So armed groups in the area of "self-defense" have been formed that have collected among their members former prisoners or assassins paid by small local entrepreneurs, who have gradually taken control of the small towns in the area. Lately these armed groups clashed with elements of the army or the navy sent to the scene to restore order.
As Bishop in Michoacan, first in Tacambaro and currently in Morelia, Mgr. Suárez Inda has expressed his regret at seeing "how the social fabric has deteriorated, due to the shortcomings of public education and the fragmentation of society, poor governance in the administration of justice and impunity". "This destroys the family - denounced Mgr. Suárez Inda -, and increases emigration from the area. There are villages where there are only children and grandparents, but there are no parents". (CE) (Agenzia Fides 06/08/2013)