AMERICA/MEXICO - The disarmament campaign continues with the help of the Church: More than 5000 weapons recovered

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - In the first five months of 2013, the government of the Federal District collected, in 15 of the 16 delegations of the city, 5,522 firearms. It is a fact that confirms the good outcome of the campaign, since in the four previous years the weapons recovered were 5,433.
The program's success is due to the change in strategy, says Rosa Isela Rodriguez, secretary of the social development program, in a note sent to Fides.
Weapons are sold through a sort of bartering for which 7 million pesos were allocated: Who delivers weapons can receive in exchange a sum of money or pieces of furniture, electronic equipment and groceries.
Among the weapons collected there are 3,903 handguns (pistols), 1,259 rifles. There are also 356 grenades and 44,448 cartridges, exchanged with bicycles, groceries, appliances, tablets and laptops.
The authorities are very enthusiastic about the support offered by the Catholic Church to the campaign, because, according to the note: "people completely trust the priests and bishops’ word, and also because the exchange takes place in front of the churches".
In the atrium of the Metropolitan Cathedral in Mexico City, speaking before the head of the city government, Miguel Angel Mancera, Cardinal Norberto Rivera said that in addition to the disarmament of the population, measures are needed to strengthen the family unit in order to allow families to become a space of harmony, peace and tolerance.
The Cardinal then pointed out that the campaign "For your Family a voluntary disarmament", is the one that achieved the best results, and is expected to soon exceed the 6 thousand delivered weapons. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 11/06/2013)