AFRICA/CENTRAL AFRICA - The looting of the rebels continues, another church desecrated

Friday, 3 May 2013

Bangui (Agenzia Fides) - "Looting has declined a bit and calm is trying to be restored but up to 10 days ago the situation was terrible" report local sources to Fides Agency from the Central African Republic, where gangs linked to the rebels of the coalition Seleka are raging throughout the Country, after having conquered at the end of March, the capital, Bangui, forcing the former President François Bozizé to flee. According to what was reported to Fides, a few days ago in the village of Ouango (on the river Oubangui on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo), the rebels burned 400 houses, killed 9 people, looted the Catholic church and profaned the tabernacle.
"The people do not like the rebels, who continue to torment them. Many of these are not even from Central Africa, they come from Chad or from other Countries, they do not speak the local language nor French or English, only Arabic," say our sources. "The rebels mostly hit Christians and some Muslim traders take advantage of the situation and sell objects looted by the guerrillas in their stores." "But be careful not to generalize – say our sources-many Muslims are very sorry about the situation and try mediate to stop the violence and looting."
"The leaders of Seleka realized that one cannot govern a country with terror and are taking steps to control their own troops and stop looting civilians systematically, often based on mere rumors and gossip, like" that person has the cash of the hospital in the house." This is enough for the victim to see an armed gang in search of money in the house at night."
In Brazzaville (Gabon) there is currently the Summit of Central African Countries to find a solution to the crisis in Central Africa. One of the points at issue is the increase in troop strength of FOMAC (the military mission in the African Country) from 500 to two thousand men "
"Two thousand soldiers of FOMAC can help bring back a minimum of security in the Country. The European Union must finance the mission to help the people of Central Africa to rediscover a bit of serenity ", conclude our sources. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 03/05/2013)