ASIA/CHINA - Love for one’s neighbor, evangelization and life of faith marked the Christmas celebrations of the Continental Catholic community

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Shi Jia Zhuang (Agenzia Fides) - The solemn Christmas celebrations of the Continental Chinese Catholic community was characterized by three themes: love of one’s neighbor, evangelization and the life of faith. According to information provided by Faith of He Bei to Fides Agency, "You and I together" was the theme of the Eighth Christmas charitable Evening organized by Jinde Charity, which saw 400 participants, among volunteers and benefactors who for years have been involved in the biggest charitable Catholic organization. The collection of donations this year, equal to more than 321,000 Yuan (equivalent to about 50 000 euro), will be destined to girls of poor families and orphans with disabilities. During the evening, benefactors and beneficiaries were together, to show free love as taught by the Christian faith. Many online newspapers and papers, such as the public broadcaster, reported the news of the evening. In addition Jinde Charity organized another Christmas evening for the sick and people with AIDS.
Some Bishops took advantage of the Christmas period to visit their communities. Among them Mgr. Chen Gong Ao, Bishop of the Diocese of Nan Chong, made a pastoral visit and urged the faithful to live the Year of Faith well proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, to dedicate oneself in evangelization and the building of a better image of the Catholic Church.
The Diocese of Da Zhou, in the province of Si Chuan, welcomed many non-Christians during the Christmas celebrations, opening a "missionary window " and taking the Christmas opportunity to present the Christian message to those who do not know him.
Chinese, American, British, Filipino, Korean and German Faithful in the parish of St. Peter in Shang Hai, celebrated the coming of the Christ Child together. Instead, in the south of the province of Si Chuan, where the faithful belonging to ethnic minorities are concentrated, Christmas was celebrated with dancing and typical local songs, thus demonstrating a faith lived with joy and love for life. (NZ) (Agenzia Fides 02/01/2013)