AFRICA/RDC - The first displaced are returning but violence and looting still continue

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Goma (Agenzia Fides) - Violence and looting in Goma still continue despite the M23 rebels promised to withdraw and every day many trucks depart to the north of the country. In a statement released by the Education Centre Don Bosco in Goma, terrible stories are reported. At the Salesian center there are still many displaced people, according to the latest census, there are 2,180 "families", 6016 children, including 148 unaccompanied. For two weeks, the center has been providing them with essential services: women and children are welcomed in the large multipurpose room and two large tents set up by the NGO Mercycorps, while men in the soccer field; the medical dispensary works full time, with the aid of 5 nurses of the NGO COOPI. The average number of consultations per day is 150. The International Committee of the Red Cross and Mercycorps have provided many tankers of water a day. The fall of rainwater was providential collected by a system of gutters and pipes, purified in a large semi-underground tank and distributed throughout the Central part of the country; the food of the displaced is dependent on the World Food Programme, which is distributing dry rations for ten days. The NGO Save the Children takes care of the cases of severe malnutrition and, together with Doctors Without Borders and other NGOs, provides medicines. Meanwhile, a few days ago, the first return of refugees began: about 600 people, on 10 trucks and 10 minibuses. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 06/12/2012)