AMERICA/ARGENTINA - "We want to be a nation": Bishops’ reflections for Christmas

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - "All the inhabitants of our country need to feel supported by a management team that not only think about their own interests, but is concerned first of all, of the common good," says the document of the Argentinean Bishops' Conference entitled "Bishops’ reflections as Christmas approaches", sent to Fides Agency. The text reaches at the conclusion of the 104th Assembly of the Bishops' Conference and as a guide to living the Year of Faith. The Bishops’ message is partly addressed to authorities, to remember the feeling of the people who believe in God and still believe in the effort to build a national community in a spirit of brotherhood.
The Bishops take into account some aspects of the cultural and moral crisis that the country lives: "The legal system must respect the dignity of life; there are legislative initiatives that seem to damage the identity of the family; the educational system requires content that is contrary to the parents’ morale; there is general anxiety for young people without work and without the opportunity to study; the growth of the drug trade seems to be the cause of crime and insecurity; after 30 years of democracy, we run the risk of dividing into gangs that prevent free participation in the civic life of the country."
The document concludes with a task for everyone: "Now, close to Christmas, the Argentines want to create opportunities for dialogue, meeting, brotherly comunion, to remove hatred ... Native country is a gift from God entrusted to our freedom. A gift we need to treat and perfection. It is encouraging to note that, despite many difficulties, the desire to be a nation and the desire to build a program for the country is still alive in the hearts of our people." (CE) (Agenzia Fides 04/12/2012)