ASIA/SYRIA - The last remaining Christian in the center of Homs killed; the convent of the Jesuits has been hit

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Homs (Agenzia Fides) - The last Christian who was in the center of Homs was killed, after the evacuation of the civilian population. Elias Mansour, 84 years old, Greek-Orthodox Christian, did not want to leave his home, in the Wadi Sayeh street, because he had to take care of his son Adnane, handicapped, even though he knew that his life was in danger. The Wadi Sayeh area - inhabited by Christians and Sunni Muslims - is still at the center of fighting between the army and rebels. The rebels are holed up in the areas of Khalidiyeh, Bab Houd, Bustan diwan, Hamidiyeh, until the streets of Wadi Sayeh and Ouret al shayyah. The forces of the regular army surround them. As a Greek-Orthodox priest reported to Fides, Elias Mansour was killed yesterday. In the days before he said he would not leave his house for no reason and that if he met the rebels, "he would have reminded them the Ten Commandments and the Holy Scriptures." The funeral will be celebrated today in an Orthodox church. An Orthodox priest is trying to track down his son, who is disabled.
Meanwhile, as sources of Fides inform, this morning, the convent of the Jesuits in the Hamidiyeh area was hit in the fighting which takes place every day. The structure has undergone minor damage but no victims. The Jesuits and the displaced people who are there have experienced moments of fear, but they are fine. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 31/10/2012)