ASIA/SYRIA - Islamist groups in action in Damascus: the victims are Christian civilians and Iraqi refugees

Monday, 23 July 2012

Damascus (Agenzia Fides) - Radical Islamist groups in the ranks of the revolutionaries sow terror among civilians in Damascus. Those who pay the consequences are those considered "loyalists", loyal to the regime of Bashar al Assad. Among the victims, report Fides sources in Damascus, there are also Christians of the suburb of Bab Touma and Iraqi refugees who occupied the suburbs of Oujaira and Sada Zanaim.
The Islamist rebel group "Liwa al-Islam" ("The Brigade of Islam"), that recently claimed responsibility for the killing of top generals of government Assad, this morning killed an entire Christian family in Bab Touma. Among the local faithful, reports a source of Fides, there is dismay and outrage at the assault on defenseless civilians. The militants of "Liwa al-Islam" blocked the car of a Christian, Nabil Zoreb, a civil officer, they told him, his wife Violet and two sons, George and Jimmy to get out of the car, killing them all point blank. The militants of the group are very active especially in the region of Duma and other areas in the east of Damascus, where they have carried out other criminal acts.
Also in the south-east of Damascus, Islamist fighters of the group " Jehad al nosra ", close to the Muslim Brotherhood, attacked the homes of Iraqi refugees, ransacking, burning them and forcing their occupants to escape. The assault was also reported by Western media like the BBC. According to Iraqi refugees, "gangs of Muslim terrorists attacked and chased us." Most of the gangs operating in the Southeast of Damascus are considered close to the Muslim Brotherhood, while members of the group "Liwa al-Islam" belong to the Wahhabi ideology. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 23/7/2012)