AMERICA/ARGENTINA-The commitment to human ecology and the environment is a responsibility for every Christian

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Catamarca (Agenzia Fides) -The Bishops of NOA (Northwest Argentina) have called for a "credible and honest dialogue" between the political and social institutions, in particular, on issues related to the mining industry in the area.
The Bishops of NOA gathered in the town of Santa Maria in the region of Catamarca, of Prelature of Cafayate, Argentina, to discuss the proposals to celebrate in the region the Year of Faith and the issues that concern the Continental Mission, including the safeguarding of the Created, catechesis, the family and young people.
"The commitment to human ecology and the environment is a responsibility of every Christian", says the final document of the Assembly, sent to Fides. "The dignity of the person, the need to preserve creation, our common home, and the resources and people's lives, encourage us to give our opinion on issues related to investment in the mining, oil and agro-food sector".
In this sense, the Bishops consider that "the objective truth on behalf of who has the technical and scientific knowledge on the subject must be found, and not be involved with the parties concerned." Similarly, the text states that "the political and social institutions have to talk and discuss everything that this entails, in a sincere and honest manner."
At the end of the message, the Bishops expressed their "proximity to all brothers and sisters, especially the most vulnerable and those working for peace with justice and righteousness of heart".
In the area there remains strong tensions between the population and the various companies that manage the mining industry because, according to data collected by Fides, staff and suppliers used by them are not local suppliers or people and therefore not conducive to the mining production development of the region, plagued by high rates of unemployment and poverty.
(CE) (Agenzia Fides 07/03/2012)