AMERICA/MEXICO-A new radio station online, Radio Cristo Rey, prepares the Pope's visit to Mexico

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Leon (Agenzia Fides) - There are only 30 days to Pope Benedict XVI’s visit in Mexico, and the Archdiocese of Leon have announced the opening of a radio via internet, Radio Cristo Rey, which also has a presence in social networks, with over 12 live programs, involving priests, deacons and laity of the Diocese of Queretaro, Celaya and León. Its initial objective is that users know Pope Benedict XVI and the meaning of the message he brings with his visit.
"Knowing the reality of the web, taking the mission to spreading Christ’s and the Pope’s message, we want to reach all people of good will. For this reason we will also have programs in English, French and Italian, as well as in Nahuatl, Mixe, Tarahumara and Otomi " says the note sent to Fides. The "special coverage" begins with the" Disciples and missionaries", transmitted from the diocese of Queretaro at 10 am, which will be attended by Bishop Mgr. Faustino Armendáriz.
The statement recalls that the Pope's visit takes place in the context of the anniversary of independence, which is celebrated in several Latin American countries, and that the Pope is "to proclaim the Word of Christ and to strengthen the conviction that this is a valuable time to evangelize with courageous faith". Among the commissions created to deal with all aspects concerning the Pope's visit, there is also that of communication, and the radio wants to promote through the network the preparation to the visit in all media. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 22/2/2012)