ASIA/THAILAND - Different religious communities are united in the aid to the flood refugee victims

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Bangkok (Agenzia Fides) - A spirit of unity and collaboration among all religious communities in Thailand characterizes the efforts of assistance to flood victims: Heavy rains have caused severe flooding that have caused over 500 deaths, have hit several provinces and the capital Bangkok , have stopped production activities and put the economy in crisis, affecting 8 million people.
"Religious communities in Thailand are responding to the crisis with generosity, giving a good example to society and the nation, by providing facilities, resources and volunteers", noted a source of Fides in the local Church. The National Office of Buddhism, most important religion, launched the "Dharma" initiative, mobilizing more than 220 monks for the post-trauma mental rehabilitation to the flood victims. "The Golden Mount Temple " in Bangkok, provides shelter and assistance to flood victims, while many temples are flooded.
Even Muslim citizens - while in the South of the country Islamic extremist groups are raging - they have become active through "Support", a non-profit Islamic organization in Bangkok, carrying out rescue operations.
The Christians, on the other hand, lavish ecumenical endeavor: the "Church of Christ", Anglican denomination, organizes trucks of humanitarian aid for flood victims in remote areas not served by state aid, such as the province of Nakorn Phathom. The Russian Orthodox Church in Thailand has launched a fund-raising for the needs of victims andsick people. The Catholic Church through Caritas, has launched a global and shared plan to assist flood victims in several provinces and the capital. Caritas Internationalis, a global network of Caritas, has issued an appeal for the collection of 695 thousand dollars for emergency projects and reconstruction after the floods in Thailand. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 12/11/2011)