OCEANIA/ SOLOMON ISLANDS - Education for girls ensures a better future

Monday, 3 May 2010

Honiara (Agenzia Fides) –Don Bosco Technical School in Honiara, Solomon Islands, in keeping with the third UN Millennium Goal to 'promote gender equality and empower women', has just launched a carpentry workshop for girls only. The project is organised by Australian Volunteers International (AVI) and Planet Wheeler Community Grants Scheme. Chris Yarham, an AVI volunteer who teaches at the carpentry workshop, said the girls have show keen interest from the very first day. He also said that many companies prefer to employ women carpenters, considered more reliable and more creative than men. Fr Ambrose Pereira, director of the Don Bosco Technical School, said he is satisfied that the institute offers equal opportunities to boys and girls, promotes gender equality and helps girls and women become independent. The carpentry course, which will last until September, is offered on Saturdays, to ensure that the girls continue the rest of their studies for the school year 2011. The girls are taught by two carpentry teachers and 4 young assistants. (AP) (3/5/2010 Agenzia Fides)