ASIA/CHINA - Bishop Matthew Luo Duxi of Leshan dies at age 91, after a great contribution to religious life, reconstruction of churches, and priestly formation

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Leshan (Agenzia Fides) - Bishop Mattew Luo Duxi of the Diocese of Kiating (Leshan) Sichuan (mainland China) died on December 4th at the age of 91, as a result of a heart attack and respiratory failure.
The Prelate was born on July 2, 1919 in Renshou. From 1931 to 1934, he studied at the “pre-seminary” of Yibin and from 1935-1940, in the “Xiao Ming” Seminary in Ya An, and finally, until 1950, in the Major Seminary of Bailu, in Chengdu.
From 1951 to 1980, he returned to his hometown to work in the fields. In 1983, he was ordained a priest, at the age of 64, and worked in the Diocese of Leshan, where he was Vicar General from 1985-1993, when he was consecrated Bishop of Leshan.
Bishop Luo, who always respected the laws of the land, carried out his episcopal ministry with disinterested service and generosity. He loved the Church as his own family, and gave glory to God for the good of all.
The Prelate was very highly esteemed and respected by priests and faithful. He made a great contribution to the religious life, as well as in restoration of churches and the formation of the clergy, with excellent results. He was a humble person, who knew how to foster a relationship with people from every walk of life. He was very well-loved and acknowledged, even by local authorities, the government, and every sector of society.
Bishop Luo's funeral services were held on December 7 and presided by Bishop He Zeqing of Wanzhou, in the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary in Chailou (City of Emei), with the participation of the local clergy and many priests from the four dioceses of Sichuan. After his passing, but prior to his funeral, a Hall in the Church of the Bishops' Residence was dedicated to him. The dedication ceremony was attended by authorities, priests, and faithful, who came to express their condolences.
His body was laid to rest in the Catholic cemetery at the church, located at the foot of Mount Emei, a mountain in southwestern China of great importance to Buddhists. (SL) (Agenzia Fides 15/12/2009)