UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - Swine flu shows alarming reports from Eastern Mediterranean

Monday, 23 November 2009

Dubai (Agenzia Fides) - According to the latest World Health Organization estimates, influenza H1N1 has so far more victims in Iran than in the other 22 countries of the WHO's Eastern Mediterranean Region. With 33 deaths so far, Iran registers 17% of the total 188 deaths in the region since May 2009. Saudi Arabia has recorded 28 deaths, Oman 25 and Syria 22 and also had the highest rate of fatalities in comparison to the cases with 9.5% of them being fatal. Yemen follows with a rate of 2.5%, Afghanistan with 1.7%, and Iran with 1.5%. Kuwait has registered the highest number of cases with 6,640 (23% of all the 28.751 in the region), followed by Saudi Arabia with 4,119; Oman with 3,829; and Egypt with 2,494. Kuwait also has the highest number of cases per head with 2.46 over a thousand, followed by Oman with 1.12 cases (over a thousand), and Bahrain with 1.10 cases (over a thousand). According to the latest WHO estimates, Egypt has recently recorded the highest number of new cases, 850, followed by Iraq 561, Iran 515 and Oman 500. In early November, Somalia confirmed its first two. The World Health Organization has confirmed more than 503,536 cases of H1N1 total, with at least 6,260 deaths. The WHO has divided the world into six regions: Africa, the region least affected, with 2.9 percent of global cases of H1N1, the Eastern Mediterranean Region with 5.1%; Southeast Asia with 8 .8%; Europe, 15.5 percent; the area of the western Pacific 29.8% and the Americas, 37.9 percent.
Of the cases recorded in the laboratory are: 779 in Afghanistan with 14 deaths, 793 in Bahrain with 6 deaths, 9 in Djibouti, 2,494 in Egypt, with 7 deaths, 1,835 in Iraq with 9 deaths, 2,153 in Iran with 33 deaths; 2,380 in Jordan with 4 deaths, 6,640 in Kuwait with 17 deaths, 761 in Lebanon with 2 deaths, 21 in Libya, 824 in Morocco, 3,829 in Oman with 25 deaths, 6 in Pakistan with 1 dead, 901 in Palestine with 1 dead, 23 in Qatar 1 dead, 4,119 in Saudi Arabia, with 28 deaths, 2 in Somalia, 21 in Sudan, 230 in Syria with 22 deaths, 141 in Tunisia, 79 in the United Arab Emirates, 711 in Yemen, with 18 deaths.
(AP) (23/11/2009 Agenzia Fides Lines: 28, Words: 423)