EUROPE/GERMANY - Star Singers Campaign 2024: "Together for our Earth - in the Amazon and worldwide"

Friday, 29 December 2023 christmas   missionary childhood   local churches   mission   evangelization   charity  


Aachen (Agenzia Fides) - "Together for our Earth - in the Amazon and worldwide" is the motto of the 66th Star Singers campaign of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood in Germany (Kindermissionswerk/"Die Sternsinger").
The committed children and young people all over Germany want to draw attention to how important it is to protect the environment and cultures worldwide. The focus of the 2024 campaign is the preservation of human livelihoods and the promotion of an ecological economy in the Amazon and worldwide. Incineration, deforestation and the ruthless exploitation of resources are destroying the livelihoods of the indigenous population of the South American countries of the Amazon. The culture of the approximately 400 ethnic groups is also at risk. "We want to emphasize that all children in the world have the right to grow up in an intact and healthy environment", says Father Dirk Bingener, national director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Germany. "And we show that we all have to take responsibility to preserve this creation". How current the issue and responsibility are has recently become shockingly clear in the region of Amazonia. "The Amazon basin is facing its worst drought in 122 years. Water levels are extremely low, but air and water temperatures are extremely high. Climate change is becoming more and more serious", says Father Bingener. "This makes it clear once again: only if all people learn to preserve God’s creation and live in harmony with nature will the earth have a future!".
Dressed in their costumes of Wise Men, with their Star and their songs during Christmas time and in the early days of the new year the "Star Singers" go around visiting German homes. The children from Catholic parishes in Germany carry the "C+M+ B" blessing ("Christus mansionem benedicat - Christ bless this house") to the families, collecting donations for other children their age who suffer throughout the world. Projects for children are supported in Africa, Latin America, Asia, Oceania and Eastern Europe. The Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood uses the funds to support projects worldwide in the areas of education, health, pastoral care, nutrition and social integration. (MS) (Agenzia Fides, 29/12/2023)