ASIA/INDIA - Appointment of bishop of Jhabua

Friday, 5 January 2024

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - On December 30, 2023, the Holy Father appointed the Reverend Peter Rumal Kharadi, of the clergy of the diocese of Jhabua, India, until now diocesan administrator, as bishop of the same diocese.
Msgr. Peter Rumal Kharadi was born on 10 April 1959 in Kaldela, in the diocese of Ajmer. He studied philosophy and theology at Saint Charles’ Seminary in Ajmer and was awarded a Master of Arts in public administration from Nagpur University.
He was ordained a priest on 6 April 1988 for the diocese of Udaipur, and was incardinated in 2002 in the diocese of Jhabua, which had been created in the same year.
He has held the following offices: deputy parish priest in Maskamodi, Udaipur (1988-1991); deputy parish priest in Thandla, Udaipur (1991-1996); deputy parish priest in Ambapada, Udaipur (1996-1998); parish priest in Mokampura, Udaipur (1998-2002); parish priest in Unnai, Jhabua (2002-2006); vicar general and parish priest of the Cathedral of Jhabua (2006-2008; 2009-2013); chancellor (2008-2009; 2013-2015); since 2021, diocesan administrator of Jhabua. (EG) (Agenzia Fides, 30/12/2023)