AFRICA/UGANDA - Parish priest again warns Catholics about “false priests”

Thursday, 9 November 2023 local churches  

Kampala (Agenzia Fides) - Once again Ugandan Catholics are warned about the presence of "false priests" in the country's dioceses. After the previous warning issued at the beginning of September in the ecclesiastical province of Kampala (see Fides 7/9/2023), Father Didas Kasapuri, parish priest of the Church of the Martyrs of Uganda in Mbarara, now warns the Catholic faithful against the presence of false priests. Previously, community members had been invited into homes and other places under the pretext of offering prayers and blessings.
Among these is one called Father Hillary, who holds prayer sessions every Tuesday and Friday in Kakukuzi, and one Father Kiyemba, who holds prayer sessions every Wednesday and Thursday of every month at his home in Kakyeeka, Mbarara Town. Others claim to be Catholic monks, such as Henry and Ambrose, as well as Kimuli Erineo, who left the supposedly Catholic church to become pastor of another religious group. "Anyone who continues to visit the houses of the named persons and other places specified by them should stop receiving the holy sacraments. Those who wish to have services in their homes should notify the parish office," warns Father Kasapuri in a statement. Additionally, as a precautionary measure, the parish priest has suspended all pilgrimages outside the diocese from November 5 to December 31, including visits to holy sites such as Kibeho in Rwanda, Bukalango in Kampala and Kiwamirembe in Wakiso. Father Kasapuri asks those who intend to undertake such pilgrimages independently to inform the parish. The phenomenon of individuals impersonating priests also affects other Christian denominations in Uganda such as the Anglican Church. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides, 9/11/2023)