AFRICA/SOMALIA - So much suffering, but also deep humanity due to the dramatic situation of the population of Las Anod

Friday, 28 July 2023

Las Anod (Agenzia Fides) - The situation in Las Anod, in the Somali region of Sool, is always more dramatic. Efforts to reach a ceasefire have failed. The local authorities of the Dhulbahante clan demand the withdrawal of Somaliland forces from their territories and their annexation to Somalia (see Fides, 15/6/2023).
"Many volunteers, doctors, nurses, are coming from all over Somalia to help the civilian population and to help the wounded in the repeated attacks that have also been perpetrated against the hospital facilities present. Other volunteers are leaving Garowe, Galcayo, to bring food to the remaining population in the city. Most of the inhabitants have fled but there are still many people who need help". This was reported to Agenzia Fides by Professor Sonkor Geyre, President of the Institute for Secretary Analysis and Federalism (IFSA), who has just returned from Las Anod, where he spent three days with a group of Somali volunteers who have brought food and medical aid. "I have seen doctors, nurses, working non-stop for up to 36 hours in a row and often without electricity", continues the expert.
"Volunteer doctors and nurses were killed in the attacks on the hospital". Geyre tells the story of a volunteer from Las Anod who particularly impressed him. "A lady was helping in the hospital and she was taking her 7-year-old daughter with her. During an attack she was killed, the girl was adopted by the volunteers and lives with them in the hospital". "Volunteers live on the battlefield sharing all the difficulties with the wounded and the remaining population, help is increasingly difficult to get, but something is being sent from Mogadishu, Kisimayo, Baidoa and other Somali cities", the professor continues. "The current drought makes the situation even worse".
IFSA President spoke of great suffering, but also of deep humanity on the part of the many volunteers who assist refugees in the refugee camps and in the city hospital: "We have seen a dramatic situation, despite the fact that about 50% of the hospital has been destroyed, the volunteers continue to take care of the people and we only hope that more humanitarian aid will arrive. We had just left the team of volunteers when we heard a noise, yet another bombardment hitting the city. At that moment our thoughts were for all the victims of this horrible war". (GF) (Agenzia Fides, 28/7/2023)