OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - A new web site for Australian Religious and an e-journal: a window on their service of evangelisation in many different fields

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Sydney (Agenzia Fides) - Entering the new web site of Catholic Religious Australia and their monthly e-journal “Pathways” is like opening a door which leads to a land of mission, adventure and hard work: by means of events advertised or recorded on the site, Sisters, Brothers and priests share their passions and introduce you to the wonderful people who are part of their world. Sometimes they are the voice of the voiceless and sometimes they call for concrete intervention. On some occasions, they will give voice to the voiceless while on others they will demand action. It is here, especially, you will encounter their prophetic witness and service.
The web site is a window on Australian Religious: in a closed monastery or facing the dangers of a civil war; in a parish, a school, a hospital or a prison they work is always founded on evangelisation and sharing God's love with everyone they encounter. “Pathways”, their e-journal published monthly from February to December informs and updates on all their activity. Visitors will have a view of the presence of the Catholic Church in various fields in the world today through the vocations and activity of men and women totally consecrated to the Lord. Original material on the Catholic Religious Australia website and in our e-journal, pathways, may be quoted in other e-journals, newsletters, newspapers and on broadcast media, with acknowledgement of the author/source and the site. (K.P.) (Agenzia Fides 10/7/2007; righe 16, parole 237)