OCEANIA/ SOLOMON ISLANDS - Writing an article, planning lay out, title, graphics; producing a Newsletter: Catholic school pupils attend media workshop

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

(Honiara) - The excitement of writing an article, planning a page, the title the graphics and seeing the end product, a publication, was the very significant and instructive recent experience of Catholic school students from various parts of Solomon Islands. Catholic Communications Solomons reports.
Twenty five students from various schools spent the weekend (11th to 13th May, 2007) finalizing the first editions of their school newsletters during a media workshop run by Catholic Communications. The students from Bishop Epalle, St John’s, St Joseph’s and Don Bosco Schools have taken on the roles of reporters, photographers, editors and graphic artists over the past two months as they’ve worked towards creating their newsletters. The students have been collecting information about school events and interviewing school personalities like principals and other students. Catholic Communications will help each school will print 200 copies to give to students, parents, teachers and other schools.
Catholic Communications representative Teresa Dola said the weekend’s seminar held at the Don Bosco Prayer House on Kola Ridge was the third in a series of seven seminars the students will attend throughout the year. Future seminars will focus on audio and visual media. In an introduction to the up and coming seminars on visual production, during last weekend’s seminar students had the chance to play newsreader-for-a-day and record themselves on camera. Ms Dola said there were lots of laughs as the students watched themselves perform on video, but said the experience helped them gain confidence with the visual medium.
Here are some comments of the students: The Media Seminars have opened my mind to the reality of the media. - Moses Leamae, Don Bosco Technical Institute, Henderson. It is wonderful to have professional people teaching us how we can use the different ways to communicate. - Job Mauli, St. John’s School, Rove. Understanding and practicing skills to interview people has helped me grow in self-confidence - Martin Raso, Don Bosco Technical School, Henderson. Gathering information, writing and editing require time, effort, concentration and creativity. - Jonathan Dalo, St. John’s School,Rove. The most enjoyable part of the seminar was when I was talking in front of the camera - Bridget Lomulo, St. John’s School, Rove. It was nice to learn about how to interview somebody and ask the right questions - Rebbie Basa, Bishop Epalle School, Rove . My first presentation before a camera was great - Patricia Avosa, St. Joseph’s School, Tenaru. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 16/5/2007 righe 28 parole 282)