Friday, 10 October 2003

Milan (Fides Service) – “ SENTIERI CINESI Paths to China: paths of knowledge and encounter between Italy and China”: is the theme of a serious of special initiatives organised in Milan by the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions, PIME to mark the centenary of the departure of missionary Father Leone Nani for China.
The events will start tomorrow 11 October 2003 with a symposium “A century, a day: China in Father Leone Nani’s time and China today” hosted by the PIME Mission Centre in Milan. This will be followed by two cultural meetings in November and three exhibitions on show from 18 December to the Spring 2004.
“Paths to China – the organisers explain – aims to plumb the depths of China’s complexity at a time when Italy, like other western countries, is preparing to take advantage of the opportunities for interaction and exchange with the present economic and social political changes. China is attracting the world attention as a vast market and an emerging economic power, but not many people are aware of the wealth of tradition and culture of this immense country. This is why PIME proposes a key to read this rich and complex world through analysis of different aspects of China’s history and culture, re-launching the figure of missionaries such as Leone Nani whose photographs will be on show.
PIME missionaries have been in China since the mid 19th century and mission in this country is a constant to which the Institute has always remained faithful. PIME has always devoted the best of its resource to interest for Asian cultures, Chinese culture in particular. Attention for Asia is also revealed in the re-launching on-line of PIME news agency Asianews started in 1986 which specializes in Asia and intends to focus more especially on China and Islam.
PA (Fides Service 10/10/2003 EM lines 32 Words: 329)