AMERICA/ARGENTINA - “Towards an America integrated through Education”: Inter-American Catholic Education Congress 5 -10 February

Saturday, 20 January 2007

Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - The Inter-American Catholic Education Confederation and CONSUDEC Superior Education Council have organised the 21st Inter-American Catholic Education Congress 5 -10 February together with the 44th CONSUDEC Course for Rectors for experts in the field from 5 - 10 February in Buenos Aires, on the theme “Towards America Integrated through Education” and the sub-heading "From exclusion to inclusion, the path for peace and justice" .
Congress objectives include: clarify concept of exclusion and its multiple dimensions and expressions: social, cultural, political, educative, religious...; reflect on concepts "educative exclusion-inclusion", "education for all" and "inclusive education"; identify connection and relation between: inclusion and social justice - social justice and peace; reflect on connections between quality education for all and a culture of peace; see how to apply Catholic Social Doctrine to encourage the Catholic Education project; discern demands posed by the different dimensions of Catholic education; draft conclusions and practical guidelines for Catholic schools.
Conference themes will include "The Catholic Identity of the School in America", "State school and its management: for everyone and of everyone", "The school in the new social structures", “Inclusion and integrity. ecclesiological/biblical view of inclusion”, “prophetic vision of Catholic education”, “Inclusion Ethics”, "the value of culture as dialogue”.
The Congress will include an Expo-Fair on Education and also cultural, artistic and educational initiatives to promote school material and an Open Day 10 February on the theme "State school for everyone and of everyone, with three panel discussions on being in the school; new law: opportunity and challenge ; Education and community: commitment for all". (RG) (Agenzia Fides 20/1/2007; righe 27, parole 326)