AMERICA/VENEZUELA - Bishops proclaim principles of the Gospel and the Magisterium and denounce decisions and measures contrary to the common good: statement at the end of 87th Conference Assembly

Monday, 15 January 2007

Caracas (Agenzia Fides) - “Time for dialogue and building together " is the title of a statement issued by the Catholic Bishops of Venezuela at the end of the 87th assembly of the Bishops’ Conference in Caracas last week (see Fides 9/1/2007). The Bishops mention the new political situation after elections last December. As they said in a letter to the President of Venezuela in December, "what people want is a government policy which will transform the country, open to transcendence and religion, promote the inclusion of all Venezuelans by means of dialogue and the conviction that which reaffirms the inalienable human rights stated in the 1999 Constitution and far from uncontrolled, capitalism and Marxist and Stalinist ideology which had negative results in countries where it was applied ". The Bishops continue “a political regime must put the person and human rights at the centre and promote democratic values "
With regard to continual change the Bishops proclaim the principles and criteria of the Gospel and the Magisterium of the Church and at the same time denounce decisions and measures which are not good for the people. “In certain situations we Bishops cannot remain silent, there are truths which must be underlined, such as the centrality of the person, human rights, political pluralism compared to one vision and exclusion for ideological reasons or any other reason, pluralist education open to transcendence and religions, fight to eradiate poverty, unemployment, juridical and social insecurity, violence, to promote freedom of expression and right to information, a positive response to the inhuman situation of our brothers and sisters deprived of freedom and those who are persecuted”.
The Bishops intend to promote a reinvigoration of the democratic system supported by ethic values and genuine search for the common good and for peace; sustainable development based on a culture of work as source of personal realisation, of stimulus for creativity and of family well being, education which goes beyond the school transversal in all spaces of life. "As Bishops we will continue to proclaim in season and out of season the values of the Kingdom of God listed in the Gospel Beatitudes" the statement concludes. (RG) (Agenzia Fides 15/1/2007; righe 29, parole 402)