OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Four special Committees to prepare World Youth Day Sydney 2008

Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Sydney (Agenzia Fides) - World Youth Day organisers have announced the establishment of four committees to prepare Australia’s Catholic community for this major church event in 2008 which is giving rise to great joy and enthusiasm.
Bishop Anthony Fisher, WYD coordinator, confirmed the consultation structure across the Australian Catholic Church, announcing the Diocesan and Youth Ministry Committee, the Communities and Movements Committee, the Education Committee and the Indigenous Communities Committee.
“The Committees - the Bishop said - will each play a vital role in ensuring we understand and communication appropriately with the whole Australian community. WYDO8 is a celebration for all Australians so we want to make sure that we take into account the needs and ideas of a broad range of stakeholders in our planning and preparations”. There are approximately 5 million Catholics in Australia located across 1,363 parishes.
The members of the Diocesan and Youth Ministry Committee will be the principal link between WYDO8 and the Australian dioceses and youth ministries. Representatives from all 28 territorial dioceses are on the Committee. Members will play an important role within their diocese ensuring that WYDO8 programmes and information are disseminated in the most appropriate way and acting as a point of advice and liaison to the WYDO8 office.
The Communities and Movements Committee will assist in liaison and advisory role with Catholic communities and movements throughout Australia with special focus on community, charism and cultural appreciation. Member of this committee are drawn from the Churches of Oriental Rite, major ecclesial movements and communities, ethnic chaplaincies and religious congregations.
The Education Committee will produce five special WYDO8 curriculum modules to maximise awareness or and participation in the WYDO8 preparation programme and the event itself.
The Indigenous Committee, with representatives from across Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, will provide special programmes to engage indigenous Catholic youth in the World Youth Day lead up and event programme in 2008.
The theme of the 23rd World Youth Day is “You will have the power of the Holy Spirit and you will be my witnesses. (Acts 1,8)”. The local Church is confident that “WYD 2008 will encourage Australians to reflect on the great existential questions, the message of Jesus Christ. Young people are vulnerable. WYD will be an opportunity for them to stop and meditate on the life and death of Jesus Christ, his Gospel and his call to every person to follow Him”. (Agenzia Fides 11/7/2006 righe 29 parole 293)