VATICAN - TOWARDS THE PRIESTHOOD: Massimo Camisasca “The liturgy is ongoing education”

Friday, 7 July 2006

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - The Liturgy, in a way, is the first place for the education and formation of a seminarian and this continues for the priest with ever deeper profundity. The Liturgy is an event which forms life, it is the original form of our knowledge of Christ.
In the Liturgy Christ gives himself to us and becomes, in us and over and beyond us, source of knowledge. This is true of both the Sacraments and the Liturgy of the Hours. This is why tension for knowledge of Christ can never forget conscious participation in the Liturgy as experience of Christ, as communication to us of His wisdom by means of familiarity with the Old and new Testament, as prayer of Christ and to Christ.
The Liturgy is the extraordinary school of our being and of our knowledge. Educating to the Liturgy is not the taste for liturgical aestheticism or the attempt to render interesting that which has ceased to be interesting because of our arbitrary word or gesture. Instead it is education to the essential form of Christian life and its mission. (Agenzia Fides 7/7/2006 - Righe 13; Parole 193)