AMERICA/HAITI - Father Jean-Yves Médidor: "During the days of the kidnapping, the strength of prayer sustained me"

Wednesday, 29 March 2023


Croix des Bouquets (Agenzia Fides) - A week after his release, Father Jean-Yves Médidor, a missionary of the Clerics of Saint Viator kidnapped in Croix des Bouquets on March 10, told Agenzia Fides the ordeal of his kidnapping.
"It was a very painful moment. Seven armed men took me out of the vehicle I was in. They blindfolded me and tied my hands with shoelaces to take me to the place of confinement. We were 30 people divided into two small rooms. There were two beds for 10 people. The other hostages had to make do with pieces of cardboard placed on the floor. An hour after the kidnapping, the leader of the armed gang asked me to call home to announce my kidnapping. The conditions were very precarious, we were fed once a day, we had no drinking water, no toilets...we used a hole for our needs".
We asked Fr. Médidor how he felt after his release and if he had the chance to meet anyone. "I feel good morally and physically - he said. I had the opportunity to meet a large number of people, my family, friends and above all the faithful of my parish of Christ-Roi le Meilleur in Port-au-Prince.
"For me, it was another experience in my spiritual journey - added Fr. Médidor. My relationship with God has strengthened. I was able to strengthen ties with an evangelical pastor who was kidnapped with me. Unfortunately, he hasn't been released yet. We prayed together, even with other prisoners like us. There were even gang members being held in detention in cells".
Fr. Médidor reflected on how he lived those days emotionally: "I was not afraid of dying, I was sure that God would not abandon me. I was simply waiting for the day and time of my release. I was more worried about my family members and my religious family who did not know how I was doing and who had been under pressure from the bandits for a long time".
"I felt the power of prayer in these difficult times," the missionary concluded. I never felt alone. There are so many people still in the hands of the kidnappers. Some have been there for more than a month. I consider myself lucky to have been a prisoner for only twelve days. In our daily prayers, we think of all the people detained against his will. Some of them are sick and fragile. May God watch over them!"
For security reasons, the missionary will not return to the parish immediately, he underwent medical checkups and yesterday, March 28, he was also able to attend the funeral of Father Jacques Beaudry, the last Canadian Cleric of Saint Viator present in Haiti. (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 29/3/2023)