OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - Young people in Australia ever more thirsty for spirituality says AYCW report. Growing commitment to evangelisation in view of World Youth Day in Sydney

Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Sydney (Fides Service) - There is a growing sense and need of spirituality among young Australians. The complexity of life, alienation of technology, plurality of messages which bombard young people in this era of globalisation give rise to increasing need to rediscover the deepest I in the person, to search for God and the transcendent. This emerged from a report issued by the Young Christians Workers Association on the basis of interviews with 500 young people in various parts of Australia. In its conclusions the Report said “The Catholic community is called to intercept these needs, re-proposing the integral and authentic message of Christ. The challenge is to reconnect spirituality with religion in the minds of the young”.
Mgr Justin Bianchini of the Bishops Commission for the Laity said the report reveals the close connection between spirituality and life of young people today and this should serve to encourage and intensify youth pastoral and evangelisation among young people.
As part of preparations for World Youth Day in Sydney Catholic youth delegates will meet 3 and 4 July 2006 in Sydney to share their experience and dreams with regard to Catholic Youth Ministry and reflect on the Scripture passage chosen by the Pope as the theme for the 23rd World Youth Day “You will have the power of the Holy Spirit and you will be my witnesses. (Acts 1,8). Speakers at the July Symposium will include bishops, clergy and lay experts in youth mission renowned in Australia and internationally, and participants will be mainly people in schools, catechists, vocations ministry, groups and movements as well as people in parish or diocesan youth ministry. To counter growing secularism “WYD 2008 will encourage Australians to reflect on the great existential questions, the message of Jesus Christ. Young people are vulnerable. WYD will be an opportunity for them to stop and meditate on the life and death of Jesus Christ, his Gospel and his call to every person to follow Him”. (Agenzia Fides 10/5/2006 righe 27 parole 272)