AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - There, where everything is concentrated in the mystical presence of the risen Jesus

Tuesday, 5 July 2022


Gode (Agenzia Fides) - "The Ascension in Gode, Pentecost in Adaba, the Trinity with the Sisters of Mother Teresa in Goba, the Body and Blood of the Lord in the two communities of Robe and Goba", writes to Fides Fr. Angelo Antolini commenting on the spirit that animates the mission of the Apostolic Prefecture of Robe of which he is Prefect, regarding what he himself defined as "the month of the great feasts of the Lord after Easter".
"In Gode - continues the Capuchin - in the simplicity and essentiality of the Christian experience in the Islamic world with the small presence of the Risen Lord, we are with Sister Joachim, Abdella and Tesemma. There, where everything is concentrated in the mystical presence of the risen Jesus, living in heaven and where two or three gather in his name (see Fides, 2/6/2022). In Adaba where the two communities of Dodola and Adaba gathered for Pentecost with the celebration of the sacraments of Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation of our children and our young people. Much joy, and the presence of the Spirit in the promise of the seven young people who received confirmation to become witnesses of the risen one. In Goba with the Sisters of Mother Teresa on the feast of the Family of God who is the Father, the Son, the Spirit and we members of the same family in the Spirit of Jesus who was given to us and who made us adopted children of God. In Robe e Goba, feast of the Body and Blood of Jesus, the Lord wanted to give me some intimate inspirations which are those Words that remain etched, an indelible experience. I lived the spirit of Easter with particular intimacy. In the first Covenant, unleavened bread and wine were the two signs of the slavery of Egypt and the freedom of the Promised Land. Then during the Last Supper Jesus takes them, uses them, gives them to us to eat, drink and in memorial of his death and his resurrection. In the homily I made the comparison of a beautiful, luxurious car, but without an engine. What do you do with it? What is my Christian life and the life of the Church without the engine of faith in Jesus who died and rose again? It is this wonder that permeated and transformed us in the waters of Baptism and which we can eat in bread and drink in the wine of the Eucharist".
Still addressing the gathered faithful, Fr. Antolini told them: "You cannot imagine how important the empty holy sepulcher in Jerusalem is for me. I have been there three times and if I have a desire it is to be able to return soon, even if only for a few hours, to contemplate the geography and the history of my faith. The empty Holy Sepulcher is the nucleus of the nuclear power plant, which never ceases to burn. Only one rose, Jesus, and then he can only be the Son of God because only God is Life and author of life. Death is only the narrow passage to life, every death, even those of every day that give us so much sadness, and instead do nothing but give us life and joy, because every death, pain, suffering, humiliation, failure, misery, poverty, sickness, are nothing but doors that open us to life, that make us encounter the love of God and communion with our Lord". "If the world knew that life is born from death, everything would be different", concludes the Apostolic Prefect, thanking everyone for the support he receives in the service of first evangelization that he has been entrusted with. (AA/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 5/7/2022)