AFRICA/KENYA - Peace and reconciliation: the priority work of the Church

Saturday, 25 June 2022

Maralal (Agenzia Fides) - "The world belongs to everyone and we must be compassionate with everyone", said the president of the Commission for Refugees, Migrants and Seafarers at the Bishops' Conference of Kenya (KCCB), Msgr. Virgilio Pante, bishop of Maralal, suffragan of the diocese of Nyeri.
On the occasion of the recent celebration of World Refugee Day (WRD), Bishop Pante, a Consolata missionary who has been involved with refugees for over two decades, wanted to remember those who have been forced to flee their countries or their homes due to various challenges, and encouraged them by establishing a safe space where they can feel welcomed and not rejected. "There are challenges everywhere, bombs, murders, seizures of people's property, selfishness, tragedies and other destructions that lead to the displacement and flight of many from their homes", said the local ordinary of the diocese of Maralal.
The President of the Commission also highlighted how "all the destructions of humanity and the environment do not lead to development or progress, but rather are indicative of a sign of 'pride'".
"Peace and reconciliation must be the priority work of the Church because it is a ministry that God has entrusted to us to reconcile ourselves with God and with ourselves", he said, underlining that "the virtue of peace is a mission that must be continuous. Happy are the peacemakers, they will be called children of God". (AP) (Agenzia Fides, 25/6/2022)