ASIA/CHINA - Seminarians and nuns conclude their studies: new missionary resources for evangelization in China

Friday, 24 June 2022

Beijing (Agenzia Fides) - "You must have the missionary fire of the Apostle Paul to attract more people to the Gospel so that they can obtain salvation. You must have a humble and simple attitude, reaching out to the poor and disadvantaged so that they feel the strength of the Love of Christ and convert to Christ": these are the recommendations of Monsignor Antonio Dang Mingyan, Archbishop of Xian, addressed to the 3 seminarians who have obtained the Baccalaureate and to the 15 nuns who have received the Diploma at the end of their cycle of studies, during the Eucharist that he celebrated for this occasion in the Major Seminary of the province of Shaanxi. Msgr. Antonio Dang Mingyan, Archbishop of the provincial capital and Rector of the Seminary, presided over the solemn Eucharistic together with 9 professors who accompanied the young people on their vocational path. The Vice Rector, Fr. Li Jingxi, has expressed his sincere wishes to the graduates so that "they truly respond to the call of the Lord, take on pastoral duties, become shepherds of Jesus Christ and dedicate their lives to the pastoral evangelization of the Church" in China and in the world.
In fact, the Church in Mainland China is experiencing a harvest season, a harvest of vocations, of mission, of evangelization. The new graduates are the new resources, the new blood and the new workers for the vineyard of the Lord in China. After six years of diligent theological, philosophical and above all spiritual and human formation, they are ready to venture into the immense pastoral field that awaits them, to preach, to serve the Church and the people of God, to face contemporary missionary challenges.
According to information gathered by Agenzia Fides, in a solemn ceremony held on June 18, 23 seminarians from the National Seminary of the Catholic Church in China received the Baccalaureate degree after 6 years of theological and philosophical studies. Now they continue their vocational journey through the pastoral path in various parts of China, according to their origin. (NZ) (Agenzia Fides, 24/6/2022)