AFRICA/UGANDA - Professional training for girls and boys in the tailoring, hairdressing, catering and fishing sectors

Wednesday, 15 June 2022


Musoli (Agenzia Fides) - One year after the post-COVID project to support young people in Musoli, Uganda, the intervention is bearing fruit. Launched by Camillian Disaster Service International (Cadis), the project "Livelihood support, vocational training for young people and health promotion in Musoli, Uganda", the Ugandan team continues to help 30 unemployed women from five villages in Musoli to acquire skills, undergo vocational training in sewing, hairdressing and catering, as well as 60 young people participating in a fishing project. According to Fides, the beneficiaries officially started their studies last year, after the lifting of restrictions on COVID-19. "Students who have returned to their studies will complete their first year in July. The orientation program, conducted between May and November 2021, laid the foundation for a steady progression of the beneficiaries. The students have made great progress. Most of them are now able to make clothes of different designs without the immediate supervision of a teacher. This gives us hope that they will be able to use the practical skills they learn in sewing to build a bright future for themselves, their families and society at large", the Cadis sources say. "The fishing project is also off to a good start", reads the note. The project started with three boats, currently used by fifteen fishermen. The number of boats will be increased to six in order to involve more fishermen in the sector. The current challenge facing fishermen is that of seasonal catches. The amount of fish is currently lower because the season is not stabilized yet." As for the resilience project, it was partly intended to strengthen the existing health center. "Thanks to the support of Cadis, the health center in Musoli has a new look with a HALL, maternity wards and other medical equipment. Pregnant women have already started giving birth in Musoli. Many poor pregnant women have often antenatal services at this facility, and they come not only from different parts of the Musoli sub-community, but also from outside". The village of Musoli is located in the district of Mayuge, near Lake Victoria. Fishing is the main source of income for families settled along the lake. Overall, 36% of workers in Uganda are women and 64% men. Most of them are employed in the primary industries of fishing, sugarcane farming, quarrying, restaurants/bars and in the sexual exploitation industry, which involves a larger number of girls. Due to the high poverty rate, people often cannot even access health services. In this context, the Camillian organization is promoting an intervention that, for three years, will strengthen the socio-economic resilience of young people and improve access to health services in the village of Musoli. The project aims to increase employment opportunities, increase monthly income, activate youth participation in community development activities, create micro-enterprises by youth and improve the general health conditions of the population. (GC/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 15/6/2022)