VATICAN - The charism and proposals of the Pontifical Society of Missionary Childhood: child-friendly experience of ecclesial communion

Friday, 20 May 2022 evangelization   pontifical mission societies   missionary animation   missionary childhood  

Lyon (Agenzia Fides) - Sister Roberta Tremarelli, Secretary General of the Pontifical Society of the Holy Childhood, during her speech at the General Assembly of the PMS being held in Lyon, spoke on the theme of 2023, communion, underlining: "The PMS, and hence the Society of the Holy Childhood, help people to discover and live the experience of belonging to the universal Church and therefore the responsibility that arises, by virtue of baptism. We are members of one body. The motto or slogan of the Society "children help children, children pray for children" highlights the bond between children from different countries thanks to prayer, faith, friendship with Jesus that puts them in communion with each other. We are talking about the ecclesial communion that is born from the encounter with Jesus and of which the children can experience thanks also to the charism and the proposals of the Society". Its intent is to create where it does not exist, and strengthen, where it already exists, "the collaboration with the local Church and the involvement of the Society in ordinary pastoral care and school education, precisely in the light of the common theme of "communion," and to do this sent a letter to all the National Directions with reference to the opening of the synodal path of the entire universal Church.
Sister Roberta, who began her speech by expressing her walm welcome to those who are attending the General Assembly for the first time. She also thanked the POSI members for their precious collaboration and dedication to the work and underlined the commitment of her Secretariat to adapt to the possibilities of the virtual world, citing the realization in June 2021 of the first online meeting with all the national Directors and national representatives of the Society of the Holy Childhood for a discussion and dialogue.
Two more followed: from December 7 to 11, continental meetings by language for the National Directors, National in-charges, animators and collaborators of the Society of the Holy Childhood on the theme "Spiritual abuse and of power" and on May 3 on the occasion of the centenary of the definition of Pontifical Society, on the topic of "The history, charism and spirituality of the Society of the Holy Childhood" with Prof. Carvajal and Rafael Santos, authors of the homonymous text published by this Secretariat. The personal commitment of the Secretary General was also intense, speaking at several online meetings promoted for the IAM animators of Colombia, Brazil, Honduras, Mexico and Ecuador, at the first meeting of the Missionary Childhood of English speaking African countries, at the Missio Youth Conference, at the meeting with the diocesan representatives of Missionary Childhood of the dioceses of Nigeria. The continuation of the publication of the Bulletin every four months and the completion of the Annals 2019 was also mentioned. Sister Roberta also made an important announcement: "On the occasion of the centenary of the papal denomination of the first three Societies and therefore also of the Society of the Holy Childhood I would like to propose a "Competition" which will end on May 19, 2023, at the 180th anniversary of the foundation. This competition for children and adolescents has as its theme "What does Missionary Childhood and Adolescence mean for me in terms of being a Society of the Pope?" and must be made with a drawing and a brief description. The title can be adapted according to the national context.
Like the previous competition, this too will take place at the diocesan, national and then international level" commenting "it will be an opportunity to deepen the meaning and implications of being a Pontifical Society, first of all with the diocesan directors, the animators and other collaborators of the Society in order to then involve children and young people".
The General Secretary of POSI then pointed out that catechists, teachers of religion, nuns, priests and parents are the recipients of animation and formation, not just MC animators and children; MC is called to collaborate in the priority of sowing, accompanying, educating, forming and helping to discern missionary vocations ad gentes. Sister Roberta, in thanking everyone, concluded: "Mutual trust, transparency and collaboration are the basis of our mission". (EG) (Agenzia Fides, 5/20/2022)