AFRICA/KENYA - A new Lasallian school: "The service of education is part of the evangelical mission"

Saturday, 12 February 2022 education   school   orders   mission   evangelization  

Homa Bay (Agenzia Fides) - "Building a school in the awareness of the preciousness of the service of education is part of the evangelical mission to give dignity to people, to evangelize communities". This is what Brother Antone Oloo, speaking of the project carried out by the Brothers of the Christian Schools (also called Lasallian missionaries) in the field of schooling in the town of Homa Bay, in Kenya, told Fides by. "It took about two years - he says - to prepare all the required documents before the Brothers officially landed in Homa Bay to begin the project to renovate Santa Marta High School and transform it into La Salle School of Homa Bay".
Brother Antone is the director of the new structure: "The school - he reports - is divided into three baby classes: Pre-Primary 1 (PP1), Pre-primary 2 (PP2), first grade and second grade. The Kenyan school system - he explains - requires children to attend kindergarten and, before entering primary school, they must pass an aptitude test. The illiteracy rate in Kenya is still very high: 28.6% of men and 44% of women over the age of 15. The Brothers of the Christian Schools have been present in this African country for more than 60 years and are involved today not only in teaching, but also in the professional training of local teaching staff, trying above all to recover children and young people who have dropped out of education. Our educational centers are open to everyone, says Brother Antone, fostering relationships and maintaining positive contact with the local Church. We are committed to the success and integral development of all students, especially those who have difficulty manifesting their potential.
Homa Bay is a small rural town located on the shores of Lake Victoria. "So far - says the school director - the people of Homa Bay have welcomed the school very well and the new bishop is happy with how things are going. Our mission - he concludes - is to offer an academic preparation for life, based on the values of the Gospel and to be an institution that promotes lifelong learning, to form responsible people". (ES-PA) (Agenzia Fides, 12/2/2022)