AMERICA/CHILE - Pastoral agents at the service of the mission: the formation carried out in the diocese of Chillán concludes

Monday, 10 January 2022 missionary animation   local churches   pope francis  

Chillán (Agenzia Fides) - "We wanted to provide all lay pastoral workers with elements in their formation that would allow them to serve the mission of a church that goes forth, because what we need most at this time is to allow formed Christians to encourage others on the path of faith and reach people who do not always have accompaniment", said Bishop of Chillán, Monsignor Sergio Pérez de Arce, on Saturday 8 January to the lay pastoral agents of the four deaneries of the Chilean diocese, from the entire Ñuble region, at the end of a long path of formation .
The training program, according to the note sent to Fides, began in September 2019, in person, however at the time of sanitary restrictions due to the pandemic, they were carried out virtually and finally ended with two face-to-face events in compliance with health regulations. On Saturday, January 8, in the premises of Father Alberto Hurtado's Seminary, the conclusion of the formation of lay ministers at the service of the Mission, and their "sending" conferred by the Bishop, took place.
"Pastoral service has to do with mission", stressed the Bishop, "it is not a service for its own sake, so we have to find out what the challenges are today. We know there are many, and therefore let us allow these pastoral workers to be able to support the ministry of mission in their parishes, schools and movements by becoming more and more teachers and witnesses, brothers and sisters who accompany others, like Jesus Christ with the pilgrims of Emmaus, to help them understand the way of faith so that all may become more and more servants of the Lord".
One of the participants, Ana Pincheira from the community of the San Francisco de Chillán Monastery, told us about the motivation that led her to take part in this path of formation: she was inspired by the desire to take care of her fellow human beings: "This course has taught us that we should have Jesus in our hearts and act like Him. He does not judge, he does not criticize, but accompanies, he is merciful, so the first thing we must do is change our attitudes so that we can give all of this to those brothers and sisters who need it most". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 10/1/2022)