ASIA/PAKISTAN - First prison chapel in Sindh Province

Wednesday, 5 January 2022 local churches   prisoners  

Karachi (Agenzia Fides) - "This newly built Church will surely make it easier for Christian prisoners to pray and reflect on their lives, repent and change their lives to praise God. I hope the Christian prisoners will come closer to God as every religion teaches to live a good life and to live in peace with others. We pray that the lives of Christian prisoners in this house of prayer will change and that the prisoners in this facility will find peace in their hearts", said Kazi Nazir Ahmed, Inspector General of prisons in the Pakistani province of Sindh, after he inaugurated a new church in Malir County Jail on January 3.
At the inaugural ceremony of the "Church of the King of Kings", he said to a small group of police officers, volunteers and friends of the Angel Welfare Trust, the organization which promoted the institution, and some prisoners, "When prisoners go to pray, they get in touch with God, they feel peace of mind and for a short time they forget that they are prisoners. In prison they are alone and it is an opportune time to get closer to God. The time they spend in prayer will change their hearts. We police officers hope that prisoners will get into the habit of living a life of prayer and abandon the path of crime after their release".
"I appreciate the valuable work of the Angel Welfare Trust", he continued, "especially the services this foundation renders for the benefit of prisoners without any discrimination based on caste or belief. With their help and support, we will also be able to build a Temple for Hindu prisoners".
The new structure is the first church in a Sindh Province prison and was built thanks to the contribution of the Angel Welfare Trust, established by Christian Deputy Superintendent of the police, Azhar Abdullah and his family.
Samina Nawab, chairwoman of the Angel Welfare Trust, told Fides: "I am grateful to God and all police officers for their cooperation and support, Azhar Abdullah and all of our volunteers who have worked hard to complete this project in a year. It was a long-awaited dream to build a church for Christian prisoners where they could gather for prayer ".
"There are currently about 150 Christian prisoners in this prison", said Samina Nawab, a Christian social worker in Pakistan, "This church in prison will have a positive impact on the lives of Christian prisoners because they can go there for a closer relationship to build up to God". (AG-PA) (Agenzia Fides, 5/1/2022)