AMERICA/MEXICO - Every year there are three hundred and sixty-five pages, on which we are like pencils writing our biography, day by day

Tuesday, 28 December 2021 healthcare   pastoral   bishops  

Mexico City (Agenzia Fides) - "In this year 2022 we are pencils in the hands of God. He can write straight on the crooked lines of the pandemic, disease and suffering; He can write with our collaboration his words that give life and life in abundance". He addresses the sick, doctors, nurses, volunteers and pastoral health workers with the words of Saint Teresa of Calcutta - "Let us be pencils in the hands of God" - says Monsignor Roberto Yenny García, Bishop of Ciudad Valles, at the Head of the Pastoral Care of the Health Mexican Episcopal Conference, in a message for the New Year.
"Now that we are about to start a new year - writes the Bishop - let us remember that the future is not a kind of libretto in which we are actors who repeat a script that someone else has written. On the contrary, every year there are three hundred and sixty-five pages, on which we are like pencils who write our biography, day by day". Monsignor Yenny García therefore invites us to overcome the conditionings of reality that limit us, always remaining open "to our creativity and free decisions".
Addressing his sick and elderly brothers, "with great limitations in their mobility, in the midst of difficult pains and cures", which would seem to have no other prospect than that of letting go, the Bishop recommends: "in reality you can and must make decisions, you have the freedom to give meaning or purpose to your condition or illness, for example by finding a reason to thank those who care for you, to exercise patience, to offer your suffering to God, to give us all a lesson of Christian joy in the midst of adversity".
Continuing with the metaphor of the pencil, the Bishop then invites all doctors, nurses and health workers to sharpen their pencil, so that "in addition to professional treatment, they can make their pencil grow in spirituality". "Like pencils that will write on our pages of 2022, we can also decide to unite our will to share a purpose: that of God". To the pastoral workers in the health care world, priests, religious and lay people, the Bishop asks a question: "Are you willing to be a pencil in the hands of God, so that he can write with you messages of love, fraternity and hope for the sick, for those who take care of them and all those who suffer?". If the answer is yes, he continues, draw closer to God: "May he inspire you every day to write - in your style - beautiful things with your words, your attitudes and your actions in favor of the sick and all those who suffer". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 28/12/2021)