AMERICA/ARGENTINA - All Saints' Day: Litanies of Argentinian Saints and Blessed

Saturday, 30 October 2021 saints   episcopal conferences  

Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - On November 1, the solemnity of All Saints, the Argentine Church also celebrates the 25th day of prayer for the sanctification of the Argentine people and the glorification of its servants of God, in the year of Saint Joseph. For these circumstances, the Delagation for the Causes of Saints in Argentina, offers ecclesial communities "the Litany of our saints and blessed", and a guide for the celebration of Holy Mass on the solemnity of all saints. "Each jubilee is a particular time of grace, intended to promote holiness of life, to consolidate faith and to favor works of solidarity and fraternal communion within the Church and in society" - is written in the introduction of the subsidy -. We want to thank God for the fidelity of all these years, as well as for the fidelity of so many brothers who came before us and who work today, which gave rise to this day. We are grateful for the fruits of these years, for the children of our land who have already received the crown of saints, for the blessed, the venerable and the servants of God". In the Litany, 3 Argentinian Saints and 17 blessed are invoked, recalling for each their testimony of faith and asking for their intercession: among them, Saint José Gabriel del Rosario, Saint Nazaria Ignacia, Saint Héctor, Blessed Laura, Blessed Mama Antula, Blessed Ceferino, Blessed Gabriel José, Blessed Gregorio. (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 30/10/2021)