AMERICA/HONDURAS - Bishops urgent appeal to vote: "We need to look to the future with hope"

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Tegucigalpa (Agenzia Fides) - We ask the people "to overcome the feelings of indifference, apathy and skepticism that have caused been by our poor government system and its institutions, which result in abstention", reads an appeal by the Bishops' Conference of Honduras with a view to the parliamentary elections on November 28th. The bishops address "an urgent appeal to the Hondurans to vote responsibly and freely" because "our country is going through epochal and significant times", then exhort "to give the vote to the best candidates, with the best personal, family and social profile; they should be honest candidates who are responsible and sensitive to the needs of the people and who advocate good politics and are for life and the family and think of a better future for our children".
In their message "to the people of God and to all men of good will", sent to Fides, the Bishops remind us that by voting, every citizen has the opportunity to contribute to the good of the country and to change the course of the country. "Honduras does not deserve to vote for those who want to destroy it and try to win the elections by any means, including deception and fraud", affirmed the bishops, calling for candidates who are not involved in corruption, organized crime and drug trafficking.
"Voters - they continue - should for no reason and under no circumstances allow themselves to be involved in fraud, let alone approve or allow abuse of power as in the last elections. The bishops therefore appeal to the conscience of all citizens to observe objectively the course of the election "in order to avoid any irregularity and, if it occurs, to denounce it". In the second paragraph, which is aimed at political parties and their leaders, they are called upon to initiate "a process of internal democratization", to "free themselves from clientelism and to avoid alliances with economic power groups that "manipulate politics". On the contrary, they are supposed to forge alliances "based on the principles that guarantee a common project for the country". They urge parties to ensure that candidates are "people with an authentic vocation to service and sensitive to the poor, who listen to the people before making decisions, and social sensitivity as well as really pursuing the common good and not their own interests".
In the last point, the message is addressed to the authorities of the National Electoral Council, urging them to carry out their task "with professionalism, objectivity and fairness", as it is up to them to guarantee "the freedom and transparency of the electoral process". "The great problems that Honduras is facing must be solved by everyone, no one can do it alone, we need each other. For this reason, dialogue between all sectors of society is indispensable and will continue to be the best way to rebuild the country. We need to look to the future with hope and open spaces for a new democratic leadership that is ethically correct and respects the rights of the people". (SL) (Agenzia Fides, 15/10/2021)


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