EUROPE/ITALY - Fr. Gigi Maccalli, three years later: emotions, joy, grace, memories

Monday, 20 September 2021


Feriole (Agenzia Fides) - 17 September 2018 memory of his kidnapping - 17 September 2021 testimony and praise for his release: Fr. Gigi Maccalli, priest of the Society for African Missions three years after being hostage of the jiadists in Mali for more than two (see Fides, 9/10/2020).
"It was a sought-after coincidence and we can only say thank you to God for giving us this moment with Fr. Gigi", writes Silvia Sandon, consecrated to the Ordo Virginum of Feriole, on the occasion of the meeting held in Feriole in which the missionary presented her book Chains of freedom.
"We have longed to meet Fr. Gigi in person, see him again on the streets of Feriole and listen to what he experienced in his two years of imprisonment. It was a time of Grace, of meeting between people who have intertwined their life with that of Fr. Gigi, during the years of his stay here in Feriole, but it was also an opportunity to meet for those who did not know him, but he joined his prayers to ours, entrusting this son of him to God".
The consecrated woman thanked Fr. Gigi for his testimony full of silence and emotion. "Your words of forgiveness, liberation, attention towards others, welcome and prayer have once again reminded us of the precious gift of your mission, of our being men and women called by God for peace, reconciliation, dialogue and hospitality". (SS/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 20/9/2021)