AMERICA/VENEZUELA - Our Lady of Coromoto shows us that salvation is not only for some, but for all, without distinction of race or origin

Friday, 10 September 2021 marian worship   local churches  


Guanare (Agenzia Fides) - For the first time in the last 20 years, on the feast day of the Virgin of Coromoto, September 8, national and international media coverage of this celebration was carried out, with journalists sent to Guanare by Televen, Television Nacional , Familia TV, Latin Television, Portuguese regional television, Venezuelan radio and digital media.
Carried on the shoulders by a representative of the Cospes Tribe, the Sacred Image of Our Lady of Coromoto entered the National Shrine for the solemn Mass celebrated on the occasion of the 369th anniversary of its apparition in Guanare, which was presided over by Monsignor José de La Trinidad Valera Angulo, Bishop of Guanare, concelebrated by the local presbytery, by priests of the Archdiocese of Caracas, Maracaibo, who accompanied the relic of the first Venezuelan lay Blessed, Dr. José Gregorio Hernández.
Despite the pandemic, but according to tradition, from the early hours of the day, pilgrims, cyclists, motorcyclists, marathon runners and runners arrived from different parts of the country to celebrate the last appearance of the "Beautiful Lady" to the Chief of the Cospes Tribe and to his family, on the night of September 8, 1652. The natives of the Cospes Tribe, settled in the Parish of San José de Tostó in the state of Trujillo, were present at the Mass.
During the homily, Monsignor Valera highlighted "the figure of Mary presented in the Gospel: the beautiful and holy woman of high ideals who knew how to listen to the voice of God". He urged all people to work for the brotherhood of Venezuelans, for the diversity of thoughts but in unity of action, so that Venezuela is a country of peace and freedom. "Today the Virgin communicates with us to give us hope. It is not magic, but a great opportunity that God, through her, offers to all his children to get out of all the difficulties we are experiencing", he said.
The note sent to Fides by the Bishops' Conference of Venezuela underlines the preparation that took place in the previous days in all the dioceses and parishes. Celebrating the 369th anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady to the native leader and his family, means remembering how to obtain the grace of salvation, the note continues. Speaking in their language, the "Beautiful Lady", as described by the aborigines, asked him to receive the sacrament of baptism, saying, "Go to the house of white people and ask them to pour water on your head so you can go to heaven". This is what makes Our Lady of Coromoto the patroness of faith, as she shows that salvation is not only for some, but for all humanity, without distinction of race or origin, looking only at the heart that recognizes itself in need of God, concludes the note.
Although the local Church had remembered the anti Covid protocols in force and the possibility of following the celebration through social networks, many showed up to honor their Patroness, as reported by Father Allender Hernandez, rector of the Basilica Menor Santuario Nacional. (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 10/09/2021)