AMERICA/EL SALVADOR - Interview by Cardinal Rosa Chávez met with criticism

Tuesday, 10 August 2021 human rights   politics   area crisis   democracy  


San Salvador (Agenzia Fides) - The interview given by Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez, Auxiliary Bishop of San Salvador to Vatican News continues to make news in El Salvador.
In the context of the debate, the leader of the “Nuevas Ideas” party, Walter Araujo, was critical. He threatened the Cardinal that he would cause another political "earthquake". In this context, the politician emphasized that he did not agree with the statements made by the high-ranking representative of the Catholic Church on the state of the country.
In the recent past, Araujo had repeatedly criticized church representatives who, like Cardinal Rosa Chávez, denounced an injustice prevailing in El Salvador, and quoted his former party leader and founder Roberto d'Abuisson, the clergyman of the Catholic Church liked to say "red (communist) priests with black cassocks".
When asked by Vatican News to Cardinal Rosa Chávez: "How do you interpret the current socio-political situation in El Salvador?" he replied:
"That's a tough question at the moment. Since we are in a moment of political earthquake, we can say that we were in the middle of war in the 1986 earthquake, and Archbishop Rivera Damas used a very nice image at the time when he said, "There are two earthquakes, one of nature and one created by men". He referred to the war and emphasized in this context: "every Sunday we celebrate Sunday mass in a place that has been hit by an earthquake. With two wooden beams from a destroyed house as a cross, as a symbol for a country that has hope in Christ. We must give hope to people in the face of a tragedy as great as the war and the earthquake".
" omething similar is happening today, we have the earthquake-type pandemic. It causes a lot of suffering in the world and also among us. And how much it hurts every day to see people in agony or being intubated, as we say here. Tied to a machine with many wires. And many times they end up in a cemetery to be buried following the strict anti Covid protocol. And nobody is allowed to be near the deceased. And the other earthquake is also a political one today, the country is currently in a great political upheaval, a very serious political crisis, because we do not currently have a functioning constitutional state and the independence of powers is not guaranteed, we have no political leader, that we can trust, we have no law to obey. There is a fear that there is no law and order, therefore there is also no real justice". (CE) (Agenzia Fides, 9/8/2021)