AMERICA/HAITI - The Camillian Missionaries at the forefront to give concrete answers to the bewildered population

Thursday, 8 July 2021 society   politics  


Port au Prince (Agenzia Fides) - A few hours ago, the news spread in the local press that the Haitian police had killed four "mercenaries" and arrested two others, believed to be responsible for the ambush that killed former President Jovenel Moise (see Fides, 8/7/2021).
"For more than two years the island of Haiti has been in the hands of criminal gangs who destabilize the country with unprecedented ferocity, blocking roads, killing people and, above all, organizing the thriving kidnapping industry, without mercy". This is what Father Antonio Menengon, Camillian missionary, at the head of Madian Orizzonti Onlus, an association that works in Italy and in the Camillian missions abroad, writes to Agenzia Fides about this umpteenth brutal episode of violence. "Despite this extremely serious situation - continues Fr. Antonio - the Camillians present in Haiti continue their tireless work to make the Foyer Saint Camille hospital and the Foyer Saint Camille disabled center, the school, the construction of houses and the food campaign that helps thousands of families work at their best to survive this terrible situation".
The priest confirms that working in a context of daily violence is becoming increasingly difficult and underlines how important it is to be there and to give a concrete response to sick people, the disabled, those without work, homeless and without food. "We want to be close to this population exhausted by violence and hunger, so tragically present as to overshadow the COVID-19 pandemic - says the Camillian. Our Missionaries are at the forefront to give concrete answers to a population now in total disarray and complete desperation and ask for our help in prayer and solidarity in order to continue, despite everything, to give life and respond with ever greater commitment to the despair of so many people, giving them a ray of hope".
In this time of violence, during which the sick, the injured and the reception of disabled children have increased, the Foyer Saint Camille Hospital continues its commitment. "At this point - explains Fr. Antonio - we can no longer speak of poverty, but of appalling misery. For several years we have increased food aid to thousands of families who have experienced and continue to experience not only the virulence of Covid-19, but also the excessive multiplication of the hunger virus. Many cannot afford even a tin, cardboard and mud; they are forced to rent a mattress to sleep at night and having a shack has become just a mere mirage. To respond to this further emergency, we have resumed the construction of small houses to help at least large families and provide them shelter. In the last three months alone we have already built 21 and we will continue to do so because giving a roof and stability to parents with 5 or 6 children means providing safety, hygiene and health and above all preventing social maladjustment and diseases". (AM/AP) (Agenzia Fides, 8/7/2021)